General Meeting Information

Addressing the Council
The public is always welcome to speak at City Council meetings. Persons wishing to address the Council on a subject not on the agenda may complete and submit to the City Clerk a Speaker Request form and speak under Public Comments. Those interested in speaking on any item on the agenda may fill out and submit a Speaker Request form and speak at the time that item is considered. The Council allocates a maximum of 3 minutes to each speaker.

Agendas & Minutes
The agenda is the official order of business for City Council meetings. Most items on the agenda have been researched by one of the City staff. The Council Members receive the agenda and related background reports before each meeting. In addition, written and oral reports supplementing the background material are presented during the meeting.

Agendas are posted 72 hours prior to the meeting taking place and are available online, at City Hall, Fire Station No. 45, and at the Trabuco Canyon Water District. City Council Minutes are posted within 3 business days following the date the minutes are approved by the City Council.

Both agendas and minutes are posted to the City's website 2 months following each meeting. For copies of earlier City Council agendas or minutes, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 949-635-1800.

Types of Council Actions
The State Legislature has adopted a number of laws collectively referred to as the Brown Act, which among other things prohibits the City Council from acting upon an item not listed on the agenda unless an emergency arises or the need to take action arose subsequent to posting the agenda. A 4/5 vote of the Council is required to place an item on the agenda under these circumstances. Official actions of the City Council may take 1 of the following forms.

An ordinance is a municipal law that can only be amended or repealed by adoption of another Ordinance as prescribed by State Law. An ordinance requires 2 readings at separate Council meetings before adoption. The adopted ordinance is published in a local newspaper and is effective 30 days after it is adopted.


A resolution may be used to express City Council policy, direct certain administrative or legal action, or embody a public Council statement. It requires only 1 reading at a City Council meeting and may be changed by a subsequent resolution.

Consent Calendar

The consent calendar contains routine business items for which no discussion or special study is contemplated. Items removed from the consent calendar by Council are considered and acted upon after the remainder of the consent calendar.

Public Hearing

A public hearing is required for specific items, which include zoning issues, appeals, and General Plan amendments. Standard procedure is as follows:
  1. The Mayor asks for the staff report to be presented.
  2. The Council asks staff questions.
  3. The Mayor opens the public hearing and citizens present their arguments in favor or in opposition.
  4. The Mayor closes the public portion of the hearing and Council deliberates and renders its decision.