Plan Submittal & Review

Submitting Plans
Applying for a permit is the first step in the process. To access permit applications, please visit the Permits and Handouts page. You may need to submit to the department:
  • Plans
  • Plot plan
  • 3 sets of 18 by 24 inches (minimum) size sheets for your property showing the improvements
  • Information regarding the type of construction you'll be using
These plans are important because they allow professionals in the City to make sure that the project meets the guidelines for quality and safety. If something needs to be modified, it is always much easier (and cheaper) to fix it on paper rather than doing it when the project is under construction.
Cross-Department Reviews
Your plans may also be reviewed by other departments in the City including Public Works, Planning, and/or outside agencies such as Health, Fire, and Air Quality Management District (AQMD).

Plan Changes
A permit is approved based on the plans you submit, which means that once plans are approved, you are required to build the project to the specifications in those plans. If any changes are made to the plans, they must be made with the City's approval, otherwise the permit may become invalid.

For More Information

If you want more information about plan submittal, call 949-635-1800.