Plastic Products

Please remove liquids, lids, and food residue from all recyclables before placing them in the recycling container. Acceptable items include:
  • LDPE Material: Trash can liners, shrink wrap, grocery bags (Note: These types of plastic must be places within a plastic grocery bag and tied off, then placed into the recycling container)
  • HDPE Material: Detergent containers, plastic water/milk containers, pails, and T-shirt bags
  • PET Material: Soft drink bottles and photo film canisters
  • PP Material: Yogurt containers, luggage, and drinking straws
  • PVC Material: Sprinkler pipe
  • Other Materials: Tupperware and mixed plastic containers and plastic toys (no batteries)

Not Accepted
  • Flower/Plant Containers
  • Mixed Products such as plastic/metal combination (If possible, separate the materials and recycle)
  • Plastic container lids
Plastic material examples
Chart showing labels for each type of recyclable plastic material