Residential Collection Services

Services for Single Family Homes & Multifamily Units
  • Residential customers are entitled to 4 bulky item pickups ( material that does not fit into the trash container) per year at no additional cost. A bulky item pickup consists of a maximum of 4 items per pickup or up to 20 bags of green waste.
  • Residential customers are entitled to the collection of electronic waste (e-waste) at no additional cost.
  • Residential customers may receive an additional recycling and green waste container at no additional cost. Additional trash and 3 or more recycling or green waste containers may be requested at an additional expense.
Requirements for Multifamily Units Property Owners
Assembly Bill 341 (AB34 )requires all businesses (commercial and multifamily) in California that generate 4 or more cubic yards of waste per week to recycle. Participating in a recycling program will assist your business in meeting the new recycling requirement. Businesses may also donate, sell and/ or self-haul materials to a recycling facility. Information about California’s business recycling requirements is available from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery; click on CalRecycle for more information.

Recycling Options
Learn about your recycling options by viewing the Residential Recycling Brochure (PDF).