Water Awareness Initiative

Concerns over Water Supply
The Mayor announced at the January 2009, South Orange County Mayor's Association meeting, his Water Initiative which highlights the issue of water supply, reliability, and quality. Drought, court decisions, and increased demand on the Colorado River water supply has left Southern California in a precarious position as it relates to water. Rancho Santa Margarita has limited sources of ground water and a significant amount of the water supply is imported from northern California and the Colorado River.

Increasing Awareness

The City believes it is imperative to begin to change behavior and increase awareness on this critical issue. The City has formed partnerships with Santa Margarita Water District and Trabuco Canyon Water District to assist in their efforts to ensure future supply and reliability. The districts have done an outstanding job but should not be expected to solve all of the current water challenges on their own.

Get Involved

In an effort to help residents and business owners to conserve and protect our water supply, the City is offering a list of resources and events highlighting water awareness: