Sign Permits

Sign Requirements

You must obtain approval of a sign permit and a building permit from the City's Development Services Department prior to the installation of any new sign. Most commercial centers in the City have approved Sign Programs which establish a common theme, incorporating similar design elements in terms of materials, letter style, color, illumination, sign type, and sign shape.

Before purchasing a new sign, first consult with your property manager and be sure to contact a planner from the Planning Division to review the applicable regulations.

Temporary Banner Permits

Temporary banner permits do not currently require a sign permit, but are required to obtain a Temporary Banner Permit and comply with the following requirements:

  • Temporary banners are limited to no more than 24 square feet.
  • Temporary banners are allowed for a period of no more than 30 days within a calendar year.
  • Temporary banners are limited to where they can be located on the property
  •  In certain circumstances, alternate locations may be approved (i.e., sport registrations, community-wide events, etc.).

 For More Information

Furthermore, no sign permit may be issued until a Certificate of Use and Occupancy Permit has been approved. For further information, you may contact the Development Services Department at 949-635-1800.

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