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Dog Park


  1. Agility equipment
  2. Benches
  3. Dog Park
  4. Large Dog Area
  5. Natural turf
  6. Parking
  7. Shaded seating
  8. Small Dog Area
  9. Snake fencing
  10. Tables
  11. Water
The City of Rancho Santa Margarita Dog Park is located at Canada Vista Park. Located approximately one mile from Oso Parkway, the Rancho Santa Margarita Dog Park is open to the public free of charge seven (7) days a week from dawn to dusk. The park is unsupervised and there is no age limit. Please protect and preserve your park.


  • You are responsible for the actions of your dog(s). Use of this facility is at your and your pet's own risk.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up your dog's feces and disposing properly in the receptacle provided.
  • All dogs must be licensed and current on their vaccinations.
  • No aggressive dogs, females in heat, or puppies under 4 months are allowed.
  • No food is allowed.
  • There is a maximum 3 dogs per person.
  • Dogs must be leashed when outside the gated enclosure.
  • Commercial activity, large organized gatherings, and amplified sound are prohibited without a permit. Call the City of Rancho Santa Margarita 949-635-1800 for information.
  • Abandonment of animals is prohibited and punishable by law (California Penal Code Sec. 597.1).
  • Rancho Santa Margarita Ordinance 02-01 prohibits the following in City parks: firearms, weapons, fireworks, golfing, and camping.
  • Any dog attacks or abandonment should be immediately reported to the City's Animal Care Services provider, Mission Viejo Animal Services at 949-470-3045.
For emergencies, call 911.