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City Forms
Forms - Building & Safety
Section UL
 Affidavit for Water Conserving Fixtures 
 Alternate Materials or Methods of Construction Application 
 Application for Building Permit / Plan Review 
 Attached Patio Cover Standard RSM City Standard
 Block Wall Standard 
 Building Design Limitations by professionals 
 Building Permit Fee Schedule 
 Certificate of Use & Occupancy Application & Occupancy Requirements with no tenant improvement being done 
 Climate and Geographic Design Criteria for R.S.M 
 Gas Piping Under Slabs Criteria 
 Gas Water Heater Installation Standard 
 Hillside Construction Criteria 
 Installation of Water Use Efficiency Improvements 
 Intent to Move Soils Form "Red Ant Form" page 2 of 2
 Movement of Soils Form "Red Ant Form" page 1 of 2
 OCFA Commercial Project Questionnaire 
 OCFA Residential Project Questionnaire 
 Owner Builder Info and Application Packet 
 Pool and Spa Demolition Requirements 
 Pool Barrier Compliance Form Mandatory for all pool or spa permits
 Pool Enclosure / Barrier Guidelines For Residential / Private Swimming Pools
 Residential Electric Panel Upgrade Guidelines 
 Residential Electrical Load Calculation Worksheet 
 Residential Energy Requirements for Lighting 2010 Title 24 Compliance
 Residential Plans Required for Additions 
 Retaining Wall Standard 
 Site Plan Example and Template 
 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Requirement Form 
 Structural Observation Report Form 
 Tenant Improvement Checklist Commercial projects
 Underground Burial Depths for Yard Piping & Electrical Lines 
 Window Replacement Requirements 
Forms - Business
Section UL
 Business Registration and Home Occupation Standards 
 Rancho Santa Margarita Business Guide 
 User Fee Schedule 
Forms - City Clerk
Section UL
 Affidavit/Authorization to Duplicate Building Plans 
 Claim for Damages 
 Form 806 - Amended 12-11-14 
 Planning Commission Application 
 Request for Public Records 
Forms - Community Services
Section UL
 Community Calendar Event Submission Form 
 Contract Instructor FAQ's 
 Contract Instructor Invoice 
 Contract Instructor Proposal Form 
 Registration Form 
 Senior Mobility Program Taxi Voucher Order Form 
Forms - HOA Annual NPDES Activity
Section UL
 Annual NPDES Activity Report for Major HOA's 
Forms - Human Resources
Section UL
 Employment Application 
Forms - Planning
Section UL
 City Council Policy on Procedures for Processing User Fee Deposits 
 City Council User Fee Waiver Policy 
 Development Case Application 
 Economic Development Committee Application 
 Planning Application Appeal Filing Instructions 
 Planning Permit Fee Schedule 
 Special Event Application 
 Temporary Banner Permit Application 
 Temporary Leasing Sign Permit 
 Zoning Confirmation Letter Application for businesses considering a location in our City
Forms - Police Services
Section UL
 Massage Establishment NEW Permit Checklist & Guide 
 Massage Establishment Permit Application (New or Renewal) 
 Massage Establishment RENEWAL Permit Checklist & Guide 
 Massage Establishment Supplement for Notification of New Employees 
 Massage Establishment Supplement for Notification of New Employees Checklist & Guide 
 Massage Technician NEW Permit Checklist & Guide 
 Massage Technician Permit Application (New or Renewal) 
 Massage Technician RENEWAL Permit Checklist & Guide 
 Vacation Patrol Request Form 
 Vehicle Impoundment Hearing Form 
Forms - Public Works Permits
Section UL
 Encroachment Permit Form 
 Engineering/Public Works Fee Schedule 
 Film Permit Application 
 Grading Permit 
 Landscape Permit 
 Oversize Load Permit 
Forms - Public Works/Engineering
Section UL
 Brochure - Unexploded Ordnances 
 Certificate of Deposit 
 Construction & Demolition Permit Application Package 
 Construction Runoff Guidance Manuals 
 Engineering Plan Check Submittal 
 Faithful Performance Bond 
 Grading Notes 
 Grading Permit Cash Bond 
 Grading Permit Security Requirements - Cash Bond Form 
 Grading Permit Surety Bond Form 
 Irrevocable Letter of Credit 
 Labor and Material Bond 
 Lot Line Adjustments 
 Major Traffic Studies Format 
 Monumentation Bond 
 Permit Parking Requirements and Responsibilities 
 Plan Submittal Requirements 
 Sanitary Sewer Construction Record 
 Skateboard Signage Application 
 Speed Limits 2012 
 Stockpile Encroachment Permit 
 Street Sweeping Map 
 Traffic Engineering Policy & Procedures 
 Traffic Flow Map 2014 
 Transportation Permits Provisions and Procedures 
 Trench Detail 
Forms - Solid Waste and Recycling
Section UL
 Construction & Demolition Permit Application Package 
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