About the City

Rancho Santa Margarita is a small city with the soul of a village. The City is instilled with traditions that honor the heritage of our land. A mix of land uses and a balance of jobs and housing provide a planned community oasis where people live, work, shop, and play. Community events and public gathering places promote a family-oriented community and encourage community spirit and participation. The City maintains a safe environment through a variety of community programs, law enforcement, and fire protection services. Quality educational programs and facilities are promoted through cooperation between the City and the school districts.

Quality of Life

Rancho Santa Margarita retains its small-town village character as the City looks toward its 25th Anniversary of Incorporation. It is protected and enhanced by master-planned, well-maintained neighborhoods that complement the natural environment. The quality of the environment, open space, scenic resources, and watershed have been thoughtfully preserved to enhance the community's distinct setting and natural beauty. In addition, amenities, such as Lake Santa Margarita, parks, pools, community centers, and pedestrian/bicycle trails, have been meticulously improved and maintained to meet the community's needs.

Future Growth

As the community matures, residential, commercial, and industrial areas are continuously revitalized to enhance quality of life and encourage economic development. Because most facilities in Rancho Santa Margarita are owned and maintained by private organizations, the City collaborates with public and private organizations, such as public service agencies, Homeowner Associations, and community foundations, to improve and maintain public services and facilities. Investments in the City's streets and roadways ensure safe and convenient access to serve local and inter-community needs while continuing to attract businesses that are beneficial to and thrive in the community.