Recreation Programs

Types of Programs

The Community Services Department offers a variety of recreation programs suitable for all ages including:

  • Preschoolers
  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Seniors
No age is too young and no soul is too old to enjoy the classes offered at the Community Center. 

The City of Rancho Santa Margarita conducts federal and state criminal background checks on all of its employees and contract instructors for all youth-related recreational activity including its athletic programs. The City does receive subsequent arrest notification information for employees or contract instructors for whom criminal background checks were requested. For more information on the City's background check policy contact the Community Services Department at (949) 216-9700.

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Spring 2020 Community Living Magazine

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Preschool-aged boy
Senior exercise class
Students participating in karate class
Adult yoga class

Monthly Recreation Highlights

March 2020

Goo-Goo Hands Baby Sign Language 

$48/ 4 Classes

Goo-Goo Hands is a unique course covering the communication exploration efforts in Baby Sign Language for infants and toddlers from 7 months to 3 years of age. As rapid communication changes occur, Goo-Goo Hands assists in exploring a creative way to influence communication development. Emphasis is placed on the needs of each family and consists of four theme-based classes offered over four weeks. Each week families learn useful signs through fun songs, books, and activities. In addition, parents learn simple ways to support their baby’s intellectual development.

Ages: 7 months-3 yrs.

Instructor Darla Kim

110784 01             M                Mar 9-Mar 30  9:30-10:30 am


Manners, Character & Social Skills

$139/ 6 Classes

Our exclusive program helps children understand why integrity, respect, empathy, and charity help our lives both personally and professionally. Over 50 different etiquette skills are taught using games, role play, props, music, activities, stories, and kind discussion. Some of the skills included are: Introductions, Dining Etiquette, Kindness, Tact, Conversation, Being a Guest, A Clean Mouth, Sincere Apologies, and so much more! Who knew learning manners could be so much fun! Ages: 5-12 yrs.

What to bring: $20 cash materials fee

 Instructor:  The Etiquette Factory Staff

 121097 01             T                 Apr 14-May 19       4:30-6:30 pm


After School Sewing for Kids & Teens

$148/ 4 Classes

Learn sewing basics, fabric selection, how to follow a pattern, and complete amazing projects in class.  No prior experience is needed.   All fabric, notions, and sewing machines are supplied.  Ages: 7.5-14 yrs.

What to bring: $35 cash materials fee

Instructor:  Linda Rush

 120501 01             T                 Mar 3-Mar 24  3:30-6 pm


American Doll Fashions

$148/ 4 Classes

Design, plan, and create your very own doll fashions. Students will select fabrics and learn to follow a pattern while mastering basic sewing skills and will work on a complete outfit for an 18" doll (includes American Girl Dolls). Girls are encouraged to bring their doll to class for the fittings. No experience is necessary. All fabric, notions, and sewing machines supplied.  Ages: 7.5-14 yrs.

What to bring: $35 cash materials fee

Instructor:  Linda Rush

 120506 01             T                 Mar 3-Mar 24  3:30-6 pm

Artful Aging 

$297/ 8 Classes

Join us for an an interactive workshop designed to discuss and explore the aspects of aging and learn how to "unstick" from limiting beliefs.  You will experience a "taste of coaching" as we work through eight modules that will create hope and possibility for this next season of your life. Ages: 50 yrs. & up.

Instructor:  Tina Henningson

 140833 01             T                 Mar 3-Apr 21  9-11 am

140833 02             Th               Mar 5-Apr 23  6-8 pm

$165/ 13 Classes

This well-rounded All Levels class invites a deeper understanding of mind-body connection with classic yoga postures. Increase your range of motion, utilizing breath awareness through a structured series of asanas to lengthen, strengthen, and rebalance specific muscles of the body. Modifications and props will be used, making this class accessible to beginners as well as experienced practitioners. Ages: 18 yrs. & up.

Instructor:  Christy Graniere

 140254 01             W                Mar 4-May 27 9-10 am

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