Why would a contractor tell me I don’t need a Building Permit when one is actually required?
In some cases, contractors or handymen advise against obtaining permits because they feel that the process would delay the project because plans must be plan checked and approved, and inspections must occur at specific points during a project. Other contractors or handymen are not licensed to do the work they are being hired to complete, and therefore could not obtain building permits for the work. The City of RSM works hard to ensure that projects are reviewed and inspected in a convenient and timely manner. The City has much shorter turnaround times than many other jurisdictions. Plan Check review times are 10 days or less and ensure that a project will be constructed in accordance with current Building Codes for the safety of the household. Inspections are performed Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Inspection requests received after 6:00 a.m. will be inspected on the following business day.

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