Park Fees

The City ensures ample park land is provided for all residents to enjoy. To achieve this goal the City requires a certain amount of land to be set aside from every residential development. However, in-lieu of providing actual land the City can also collect fees for the establishment of parks at the choice of the developer. The calculation for determining the amount of required parkland and in-lieu fees is as follows:

Park Land Requirement = (Number of dwelling units) x (Park Land Acres per Dwelling Unit)*
*must use number associated with respective residential density
Dwelling Unit per Gross Acre (Density)
Park Land Acres per Dwelling Unit
Up to 6.5
6.6 - 15.5
15.6 - 25.5
25.6 and Up
If the developer opts to pay the in-lieu fee, the land fee is determined by fair market value at the time when the parcel map or final map is filed, calculated as follows:

Land Fee
= (Park Land Requirement) x (fair market value per acre)

In addition to paying the land fee, a park improvement fee is also required for those who opt to pay the in-lieu fee. This fee is 20% of the Land Fee.

Improvement Fee
= 0.20 x (Land Fee)

The total Park Development Impact Fee is the sum of the Land Fee and Improvement Fee.

Total Fee = (Land Fee) + (Improvement Fee)